Top Billing

Coveted, fought over and repsected
The name at the top most left position of the billing block is considered the most important credit placement in the film and is refered to as the top billing.

It is standard practice in the movie industry to rank credits by value. This would normally be given to the actor that plays the lead role in the film but sometimes the actors name holds more value for promotional reasons and even if they don't hold a large role in the film they still snag top billing.

In western cultures we read from top to bottom and left to right so naturally we would put the most important name at the top left. Hence the top billing position is the most converted by actors in the film industry due to it's perceived credit value.

Another reason for top-right placement which is more relevant than ever in today's society is our short attention span. Just about every piece of commercial literature is scanned over without paying close attention to what we're reading. This re-enforces the ranking system of top billing which makes sure that the most important actor's name gets read before the reader loses interest.