The Billing Block Glossary

Who am I giving billing too?
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Costume Designer

A Costume Designer takes on the role of creating or acquiring the costumes for all actors and extras.

Usually having a background in fashion their knowledge of clothing both past, present and conceptual is very thorough.

It is common for Costume Designers to work with incredibly short deadlines and tight budgets which require them to think on their feet & improvise where necessary.

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A Director tells the story, overseeing the creation of a movie from paper to film.

Directors have ultimate creative control. They visualize the entire script, select the best locations to shoot scenes, review all decisions made by the art department, liaise closely with the producers, coach actors where necessary and review the editing.

Due to the significant importance of the position, directors have a huge general knowledge of all the creative skills required during the production of a movie.

Director of Photography

Director of Photography

Also referred to as a Cinematographer, the DP works with the Director to decide on camera and lighting placement for each scene in the movie. They also act as consultants on various technical aspects of cameras, specifically lenses.

The Director of Photography has a great knowledge of video optics and lighting equipment. They are also very well versed in photography and photographic theory.

Large productions often use DP's that belong to the American Society of Cinematographers, an honorary society that represents the top hierarchy of cinematographic talent in the industry. They are billed with the "A.S.C" suffix.

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An Editor polishes the Director’s raw footage into the movie that you and I watch.

Directors shoot far more footage than is required to make sure they get a great shot in every scene. Re-Shooting a scene costs time and money. Editors have the job of chopping and cutting the raw footage to retell the directors story within the allocated 2 hours of a movie.

Often editors hired for large productions are billed with "A.C.E" after their name. It's credit for being part of the American Cinema Editors society which is an honorary society for the best film editors in the world.

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Executive Producer

Modern day films are often large scale productions which require significant financing.

These are usually handled by not just one producer but a group of producers which together form a production company such as Legendary Pictures or Village Roadshow Pictures.

The executive producer is either the CEO or a board member of the production company which is financing and marketing the film.

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Producers put the creative team together.

After the financing and script have both been secured, a creative team is required to begin building the film.

The movie producers hire and manage the creative team, their schedule, marketing campaign and all of the finances of the movie.